Monday, August 31, 2009

Lottery Power Picks is Officially Three Years Old

Tonight completes our full third year of service to you. During that time, our membership has grown from 0 to over 2500. While we haven't increased coverage of new lotteries during this past year, our average weekly subscription has more than doubled.

Unfortunately during this time, we have had to cut back on our blog postings.

But, we believe that our research into new web technologies is placing us in the forefront of lottery coverage.

We look forward to our 4th year by developing new interactive pages similar to our Hot/Cold Analysis pages, and offering you new strategic options for selecting winning numbers.

We thank you all for your dedicated membership and daily visiting. We continue to work for you and are sure that you will be as thrilled as we are when our new strategies are unveiled.

Thanks again!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Upcoming 3rd Anniversary

In less than 2 weeks, we will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary of Lottery Power Picks

During that time, our membership has grown and the number of combinations we recommended has climbed. Our content has expanded and we've experimented with new styles of Gui's and other packages.

Many of our members have remained with us since we started on September 1st 2006 and we thank them immensely. Additionally, we continue to welcome all of our new lottery players who joined along the way because they are hoping to win the elusively large Jackpots offered.

Look for our future posts around Sept 1st that will highlight many of our accomplishments.

Thanks again for all your loyality and visit us often during the next few weeks so that we close out this year with record hits and begin our 4th year with a Jumbo Boom!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Super 7, Hello LOTTO MAX

Beginning Saturday, September 19 2009, tickets for the new Canadian multi-provincial game LOTTO MAX will go on sale. The first drawing for this new weekly game will be on Friday, September 25th. And, the minimum jackpot prize is C$10 million, but is capped at C$50 million. Above C$50M, seperate drawings for a single C$1 million prize will be conducted. This feature is called MAXMILLONS, and for every C$1M over C$50M, a seperate drawing will be held. That could be a lot of drawings!

This new game replaces the existing Super 7 game held every Friday night, and it promises to payout bigger prizes.

LOTTO MAX is very similar to Super 7 in that a player must correctly pick 7 white balls to win the jackpot. An eighth bonus ball is also drawn, and used for awarding 2nd (6 white+bonus) and 6th place (3 white+bonus) prizes.

However, bigger prizes come with a price. In LOTTO MAX's case, its C$5 minimum per play. Yes, each player must purchase 3 combinations for C$5 each (which is 2 1/2 times the cost of the Super 7 tickets).

Also, the number of white balls increases from 47 to 49, thus making it a bit harder to win.

As for us, we are busy creating our statistical pages for this new lottery, and beginning to construct histories of the smaller and more affordable individual provincial lotteries (BC 49, Atlantic 49, etc)

Since it is nearly identical to Super 7, we are simply considering it to be a Super 7 format and name changes for analytical purposes.

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