Monday, February 8, 2010

Even & Odd Lottery Number Frequency Distribution Analysis for Mega Millions + Powerball

We we have begun to release our new statistical

Even / Odd Analysis

pages. Currently this information is available only for Powerball and Mega Millions, but we will be adding the other lotteries that we cover.

You can access these pages at the following links:

We have seen that many visitors are looking for this type of information, so our new pages summarize the:
  • Most frequently drawn lottery even and odd subsets ( 5 even; 4even 1 odd; 3 even 2 odd; etc. )
  • Lottery number pattern analysis, showing which subsets are hot or cold;
  • Probability graphs of results.
  • Possible payouts.
  • etc.
In addition, they can be reached by following the Lottery Combo Tables link on our Lottery Power Picks Home Page.

Progress, a little step at a time!


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