Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pick 3 Release Announcement

After months of development, we completed the programming of our newest offerings:

Pick 3 Recommendations
for the 
North Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas Lotteries.

The methodology is based on a modified Delta System, which consolidates numbers into groups of 8. The strategy requires a player to select a Delta, and then continually purchase all 8 numbers associated with it until you win. You can access our index to these pages at the post:

Pick 3 Numbers Now Available at Lottery Power Picks

For you use, our pages are split into 5 sections. At the upper right are the most recent drawing results and payouts. On the upper left are our recommended numbers for the next drawing.

In the center, we provide detailed summaries of each Delta showing lapsed time between winning intervals.

At the bottom, we present a suggested purchasing schedule that will help ensure players receive a positive cash flow. And lastly, we outline a guideline of steps to follow.

We hope these newly created pages bring you luck and help to generate a profit for your enjoyment.


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