Monday, August 30, 2010

South Dakota and Delaware Spend the Most Per Capita on Lottery Tickets (Lottery Trivia Answer 2010-13)

Last Week's Trivia Question #2010-13 was: 
Using the answers of our past two weeks, we can divide a States lottery ticket sales by its population to determine:
  • Which States sell the most lottery tickets per capita?
  • Which States sell the fewest lottery tickets per capita?
  • Do you think sales are based on population alone?
  • Or, are sales based on the desire of people wanting to win a jackpot prize?
To answer the above, we referred to the Lottery Sales and State population links in the previous posts, and found that:
  • The top 5 States (1-5) that spend the most on lottery tickets per capita are: South Dakota, Delaware, Massachusetts,  New York, and Georgia. The next five (6-10) are: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio.
  • The States spending the least on lottery tickets per capita are: Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, and North Carolina.
  • Based on the results of these rankings, we clearly conclude that sales are not based on State populations. For example, South Dakota spends approximately $0.853 per person on lottery tickets, but it ranks in the bottom 5 States in population. Whereas, California, who has the largest population, only spends $0.097 per person on tickets. 
  • Observing the above results, we realize that a State's overall desire to win a jackpot prize plays an important role in the amount of lottery tickets that are bought in a State. Desire to win is important in the top 5 States and others. For example, Vermont spends $0.170 per person verses $0.155 in Texas.

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