Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What States Have the Largest Population? (Lottery Trivia Question 2010-12)

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This week's Lottery Trivia Question is about U.S. Lottery Sales in General.

Our Trivia Question #2010-12 is: 
Continuing with last weeks theme, we now wish to identify which Lottery States have the biggest and smallest population.  This will help to give us a better understanding of whether lottery sales are purely a function of demographics or desire to win. So, we ask:
  • Which lottery selling States have the largest population? (most amount of people)
  • Which States have the smallest population? (the least amount of people)
Enter your answer by leaving a Comment to this post below. Leave your name, and if you have a website or blog, provide it's URL and name.

We will provide the correct answer next Monday, August 23st, and will post your name and a URL link back to your site.

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