Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lottery Full Wheel Calculators Released

We are proud to announce that we have begun to roll out our new Full Wheel Payout Calculators for the following lotteries:
You can access these pages from the links above, from our Lottery Research Page, or the "Lottery Combo Tables" link on our Lottery Power Picks home page.

While we are still in the bug/shakeout mode, we have decided to provide these calculators to you in a phased mode.

The purpose of these pages are to help you, the lottery players, better understand how much money: it would cost you to purchase a full lottery wheel; you would win if any or all of your numbers were to appear in the associated lottery drawing; and, lastly, how much your profit or loss from that transaction was.

During the coming weeks, we will be testing these pages to make sure that everything works properly. We will also be expanding these pages to include all of our covered lotteries.

We hope this information is helpful and gives you more information about the financial risks associated with playing the large lottery games.

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