Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our 5th Year (Wooden) Anniversary (2006-2011)

The month of September marks the 5th year anniversary of our website: Lottery Power Picks.

When we launched our site in 2006, we never imagined the difficulties we would face, nor the amount of time it would require. Like many others, we simply thought that when we launched, it would be an instant success. We aimed our focus at various forums and asked participants to visit us. However, we were quickly dismissed by many who noted that our site didn't even appear in a Google search.

Since then, we have learned to respect the hard work of others and ceased promoting our website within other lottery sites. Instead, we advertised a bit and remained focused on building a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help the general lottery playing population.

Now, five years later, we can boast of a registered membership that exceeds 3,400 players. And, during the past year, we've had over 50 Major Winners: (see our Lottery Power Picks Winners page). The largest prizes that members won were during 2010 to 2011 were:
  • $10,000 Mega Millions ( Oct 12 2010 )
  • C$5,373.70 Lotto Max ( Jan 14 2011 )
  • C$1,187.40 Lotto 649 ( Mar 19 2011 )
  • $500 Hot Lotto ( Oct 23 2010 )
Our development efforts during this past year were aimed at learning to utilize and incorporate Google Visualizations into our pages. We believe these tools assist in providing user interaction with both graphic and tabular data. One of the first development projects was to examine the rotation of the earth and moon around the sun:

While this type of work does not appear not to relate to lotteries, its information has helped us to formulate future analytic solutions for us to address.

This year we have concentrated on adding new functionality and analysis. For example, we have added a new navigation bar at the top of most pages for your use in locating our information. In addition, we have written a variety of full wheel calculators that lets you compare your expenditures versus you potential winnings. Our Pick 3 pages have gained momentum this past year, particularly after we added a number of other states. Of course, we have had to revise our previously released pages whenever a lottery modified their game format (Thunderball, Mega Million, and Euro Millions).

A subset of articles and pages we published this past year are listed below for your reference.
Examples of new functionality we are adding to existing pages can be found in:
Unfortunately, these pages are best viewed in Firefox. We are aware that other browsers display differently and are trying to get these to work in all browsers.

We wish to thank all of you who have written to us during the past year and have: informed us of problems, told us of their winnings, and requested new functionality.

And most importantly, we wish to thank all of you for being loyal followers of our site and referencing our information daily. We will continue to improve our content and hope we bring you success in winning the lottery prizes!
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