Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hot / Cold Lottery Number Frequency Distribution Analysis

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the release of our

Hot / Cold Analysis

pages. In the past, many of you have searched for the:
  • Most frequently drawn lottery numbers;
  • Lottery number pattern analysis;
  • Which lottery numbers are most likely to be drawn
  • etc.
This information is now available in one easy to understand source. For each of our 10 covered lotteries, these interactive pages identify which numbers are Hot and which are Cold by displaying their trends over time. You can see the high and low range counts, and the amount of Jackpot and other winnings that various subsets would have paid.

As a easy reference, the pages may be accessed from the links below:
Or, they can be reached by following the Lottery Combo Tables link on our Lottery Power Picks Home Page.

Additionally, we have verified that these pages work well with both IE and Firefox browsers.

Have Fun and Enjoy!



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