Monday, November 30, 2009

Answer to Lottery Trivia Question #9: Has Texas Ever Sold a Jackpot Winning Mega Millions Ticket?

Last week's Lottery Trivia Question #9 was:
  • Has Texas ever sold a winning Mega Millions Jackpot ticket?
  • If Yes: How many times?
  • When and How Much?
The Correct Answers are:

  • Yes,  the State of Texas has sold many winning Jackpot tickets.
  • Since joining Mega Millions in December 2003, Texans have won 7 times.
  • The individual dates and amounts were:
    1. 01/01/08     $33M    TX
    2. 08/31/07   $330M    MD/NJ/TX/VA (shared 4 ways)
    3. 07/06/07   $126M    TX
    4. 01/09/07   $122M    TX
    5. 05/16/06     $94M    TX
    6. 03/01/05   $112M    TX
    7. 10/01/04   $101M    TX
  • The total Jackpot winnings for Texas exceeds  $670 million.
Remember to check-in tomorrow to read our 10th Lottery Trivia Question posting!



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