Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Lottery Power Picks Year in Review

This past year of 2009 has presented lottery players with a number of exciting changes. Among the major highlights were:
  • Powerball changed its format to 59 White Balls and 39 Powerballs,
  • Canadian Super 7 was retired,
  • Lotto Max was launched.

And, trying to keep pace, Lottery Power Picks provided analysis of:
  • Lotto Max - When to Play Guide,
  • How 2009 Powerball Changes Affect You, and
  • 3 UK Lotto Oddities or Questining Camelot.

Our new developmental releases included:
  • Hot / Cold Lottery Number Frequency Distribution for all our covered Lotteries,
  • The Lottery Annuity Calculator Gadget,
  • Packaging new RSS Feeds for easy access to our important research articles.

And for fun, we:
  • Reactivated our AskTheBlogster blog, and
  • Wrote a 12 part Lottery Trivia Question/Answer Series of Useless Facts.

As we look forward to 2010, we plan to:
  • Introduce a variety of Lottery Research Strategies that analyze the probabilities of winning by playing subsets of numbers, and
  • Expand our Lottery coverage into the Canadian Regional Lotteries, Texas, New Jersey and more.

Thanks for all your support during the past year and help us to make 2010 better than ever!



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