Monday, April 12, 2010

As Expected, Powerball Draws All Even White Balls

In an earlier post written on Monday, March 8th, 2010, titled All Even White Powerball Numbers Are Overdue, we indicated that the likihood of all Even White Powerball numbers being drawn was overdue. This prediction was based on the mathematical probability that this type of combination should occur approximately 1.23 times every six months.

In slightly more than 4 weeks after we wrote this, the winning Powerball numbers on Wednesday April 07th were:  04 36 40 44 52 Powerball 33 and Powerplay 2x.

Yes indeed, all even white numbers were drawn. Slightly more remarkable, each of the numbers are also divisible by 4.

While we could not have known exactly when this event would occur, we were confident that the Powerball Lottery drawings truly do follow the laws of probability.

Had players followed this advice and limited their combinations, they would have increased their probability of winning a $150 million jackpot prize after only 9 subsequent drawings.


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