Monday, October 4, 2010

Euro Millions Jackpot Set to €129 Million this Friday

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For the 7th time in its history, the EuroMillions Jackpot is above the €100 million level. However, this is not a record.

During 2006, the jackpot reached €180M twice before being won. These were the only times that the jackpot grew naturally from drawing to drawing. All others times the jackpot was artificially set as a bonus level amount.

Since '06, three €130 million jackpots were up for grabs. One was in September 2007 and shared by 3 winners. The other two were in 2008 and there were no winners of either of these.

The jackpot never reached €100M in 2009.

But this is the second time the jackpot was established at €129 million in 2010.

So, lets cross our fingers and hope that one of us wins the EuroMillions €129 Million jackpot this coming Friday.
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  1. And one ticket won the whole lot - although they still haven't come forward yet. Camelot have now revealed though that the ticket was bought in Coventry over the counter. So anyone from Coventry who hasn't got around to checking your ticket yet - now would be a very good time :-)


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