Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All Hot Numbers Picked in Last Mega Millions Drawing

As many of our readers have discovered, the winning Mega Millions lottery numbers drawn on Tuesday, December 17, 2010 were all Hot Numbers!  The winning numbers were: 11 - 20 - 26 - 46 - 53 and Megaball 12. We have provided an excerpt of these results from our Mega Millions Hot Cold Number Analysis page at left.

While this is a rare occurrence, we believe it is important for players to realize that all systems have merit.

The subset of Hot white ball numbers that we identified consisted of 14 balls; and 9 Megaballs. Limiting ourselves to the white balls only, we would have played only 2,002 combinations.

If we then wheeled each of the 9 Megaballs, we would have purchased 18,018 total combinations.
 The subset of Hot balls (white and Mega) numbers that we identified are shown at right.

The annuity jackpot prize for that drawing was $133 million, but nobody won. Had we played all 18 thousand combinations, we would have won over $135 million.

And, if we chose to play these numbers with the Megaplier, our total winnings would have increased to $141 million because the 4x megaplier was picked as well. This would have been a great return from the $36,036 we would have spent!

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