Sunday, August 21, 2011

Same 5 lottery numbers are drawn on same night in two different lottery games

As we were entering the lottery numbers for Hot Lotto, we realized that the numbers looked familiar. So we reviewed our other results and saw that the UK Thunderball selected the same 5 white balls earlier that evening. The numbers drawn for both Hot Lotto and Thunderball on Saturday, August 20, 2011 were:

Numbers Drawn
Hot Ball
Thunderball 6 7 11 22 3310
Hot Lotto6 7 11 22 3313

The white balls are the same!

The two games are identical in the white ball format because they both require players to select 5 of 39 white balls.

Only the bonus balls portion of the games are different. Thunderball contains 14 Thunderballs, whereas Hot Lotto contains 19 Hot balls.

On the white ball side, there are 575,757 unique combinations in each game. To select the same winning number more than once seems nearly impossible, but drawing it on the same night in two different lottery games across the pond is a miracle.

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