Monday, September 3, 2012

Lottery Power Picks turns 6 year old this September

This has been an exciting year for us at Lottery Power Picks. It began with the announcement that Powerball was going to change its format. With that, we wrote an analysis of the new format and projected anticipated jackpot growth. Along with that, we added a "Which Game Should You Play" page, and provided our users with a new 2012 Powerball playing guide (all of these are available on this blog).

Our overall suite of products (website and blogs) has consistently maintained a level of 5,000 page views a day throughout the year.  However, when the Mega Millions jackpot reached the $400 million level, we found that search traffic jumped dramatically. Our daily traffic at the peak for: the Lottery Power Picks website had a record level of 8,137 visits; our news blog had 265 visits; and this blog received 2,470 visits.

During that period, we realized a few important things about lottery related sites. First, we learned that when jackpots are low, consumer interest is also low. People only become fanatics when the jackpot levels reach the $200 million level. Second, we learned that all the information that we provide is sought after during high times. Third, although daily visitor levels are relatively low most of the time, it is important to be positioned for the extraordinary times. Lastly, we learned that our information is valuable.

This had brought new enthusiasm to us. And, we responded by re-writing our Lottery Power Picks website. Although this is not fully complete yet, we have released it beta.  We expect this to be fully functional in the upcoming months and will cut it over to our live site by the end of 2012.

Additionally, we have been working on a Pick 4 strategy that we believe will help you win those prizes. It differs from our Pick 3 strategy because the cost of playing too many combinations is not cost effective. We will release our Pick 4 pages and write a blog entry about this by Thanksgiving.

Lastly, our web hosting company moved our site to a new server last Spring. Since then, our up-time has been nearly 100%, and more importantly, hacking attempts have dropped to a minimum. This allowed us to spend less time monitoring the traffic and more time developing our lottery brand.

We wish to thank all of our users who visit us on a regular basis and have taken the time to write us and give us feedback.  Additionally, we thank Google for providing us with a wide range of development and monitoring tools, and helping us appear in search results.

We look forward to releasing our new website and analytical lottery coverage articles during the next year. Hopefully, one or more of us will win a jackpot prize as well!

JL ............

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