Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mega Millions Picks All Hot Numbers Again

For the second time in less than 6 months, the Mega Millions lottery has drawn all Hot white ball numbers. In the May 24, 2011 Friday night drawing, the 5 hot white balls: 10 17 19 45 48 were picked. That night, the annuity jackpot was $16 million.

MM HC Results 20110520MM HC Numbers 20110520

Prior to that drawing, we classified 11 white balls as being hot. If a full wheel of these numbers was played, there would have been 462 unique combinations. If all these were purchased, the cost would have been $462 and the winner would have earned $250,000. However, if the player purchased the Megaplier as well, a cool $1 million would have won for a mere $924 investment.  Unfortunately, the Mega Ball that night was the number 30, which was classified as a neutral number.

The last time all hot balls were drawn in the Mega Millions was Tuesday, December 17, 2010. In that drawing, the annuity prize offered was $133M, but it was not won. You can read our previous article All Hot Numbers Picked in Last Mega Millions Drawing for reference.

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